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Why work with us?

We understand ourselves as your partner and lead generator, collaborating with you without fixed costs but on a commission basis.

Project acquisition

Get matched with clients that need exactly what you are best in

and that fit your culture without any 

fixed costs. Only if a match is made

and the contract is signed,

we charge a commission.

Straight forward applications

For every client project, we compile a shortlist of up to three tech teams – the client has the final say on which team to work with. However, writing the project proposal/ application to get shortlisted is quick and straight forward.

Premium service

Currently, we deploy a dedicated key account manager that helps you communicate with the client if any problems arise. Furthermore, we take care of your invoicing & payments as well as contracting support which reduces your workload and helps you focus on what you’re best at.

Monetize lost projects

In case you would have to turn down project requests from your clients due to low capacities, you no more lose revenue. Refer a project to us and receive a commission of up to €10000. And don´t worry about provider quality – we only work together with the top 5%. 

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