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Gain access to an elite network of data engineers

Our network comprises the top 5% of data engineering companies. Reach out to hire the best Data Science firms, Machine Learning companies and Big Data providers.

Data Science Firms

Our tech teams extract knowledge from your data in order to gain insights that help you efficiently solve your most challenging business questions.

Machine Learning Companies

Our tech teams individually design and lever state of the art machine learning solutions to make your offerings more effective, more efficient and overall smarter.

Big Data Providers

Our tech teams capture, analyze and visualize huge and complex data sets to make your decision making smarter than ever before.


Transform your data into tangible business outcomes

Our network of elite data engineering teams spans a variety of different use cases. Here are some that show how they can aid your business.

Customer Analytics

Gain a deep understanding of your customers and predict their next moves. Communicate with them personalized, increase business amongst other things via cross-sales and manage them more insightful than ever before.

Market Analytics

Measure and analyze marketing channels to maximize marketing performance and optimize ROI by targeting your market more accurately.

Fraud & Risk

Lever machine learning and big data insights to detect and prevent potential fraud risks for your business.

Pricing Analytics

Understand what drives your customer’s buying decisions and define optimal pricing strategies in order to dramatically improve profitability and market share.

Retail Analytics

Gain insights on important factors for the merchant’s decision making. Skyrocket your sales and guarantee your customers better shopping experience.

HR Analytics

Make use of big data and analyze HR key performance indicators as effective as possible to assure your workforce is performing at the level it should.


Why FiveTeams?

You no more have to search for hours on search engines or manually screen

your network for shortlisting the right service providers for your IT projects.

FiveTeams makes high quality IT services procurement easy and fast.

Faster time to


 Within five days, you get introduced to up to three providers that exactly fit to the needs of your IT project to dramatically decrease your time to market. Furthermore, because of our holistic market evaluation, the rates remain reasonable so that you save big on time and money.

Network of


We comprise a large network of screened top 5% elite IT service providers on our platform.  Since we only match you with pre-screened providers and not freelancers, you eliminate the risk of hiring the wrong person while guaranteeing extraordinary quality. 



We understand that you deserve the best and that’s why we commit - completely free of charge for you - to a premium service. Therefore, we provide you with a dedicated Key Account Manager throughout your project to assure transparency and communication with your provider.


How the platform works

You are in need of external IT know-how to execute your IT Projects?

Empowered by AI, FiveTeams matches you with the best IT service providers - easy and fast.

Top service providers work with us on a commission basis in case of a successful match. 

Get in touch with us via

phone or mail and let us

know about the specifics

of your desired IT project

or the IT challenges you




Start collaborating and

let the chosen service

provider execute your 

project. We assist the

process via a dedicated

key account manager

Project execution

Compare the project

proposals of the best

fitting providers and

finally choose the 

provider you feel the

most comfortable with. 


Empowered by AI,

we find the three best-

fitting IT service providers based on industry and

project expertise within

five days and introduce

them to you. 





Our screening process

We rigorously screen IT service providers before we add them to our platform.






Background Check

Exhaustive online check concerning experience, references, quality standards, ratings, size, certificates and potential awards.


1:1 Check

Call/ in-person meeting to personally check the experience and expertise as well as to ask for a list of 3 references/ links to former projects.


Reference Check

Personal check of 3 references/ links by a qualified member of our team to assess the outcomes and quality of

former projects.


Quality Control

We continuously 

obtain feedback from clients that have been matched via us and incorporate it in a quality score.

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