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What is FiveTeams?

With us, companies commit to compensating developers based solely on their skills and experience. You determine the amount you want to work for and remain anonymous until you agree to an interview.

How does it work?


State your desired salary and share your CV or LinkedIn profile.

Receive offers

Only receive offers from top employers who commit to your salary information.

Stay anonymous

Decide which company you want to talk to and remain anonymous until you do.

You decide on salary.
Companies stay commited to that base.

We think you deserve to be paid according to your skills and experience - regardless of your background, gender or the recruiter's sympathies.

We firmly believe in an #equalpay world and #womenintech. Companies commit to our Values.

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Earn more with FiveTeams.

We do not ask companies for a "placement commission", which is usually around 25% of the annual salary. Instead, we ask companies to give the otherwise usual commission to the developers.

Be among the many developers who trust in FiveTeams.
Giulio F.
Data Scientist

"Through FiveTeams, I know my market value better and always stay informed regarding interesting job opportunities."

Alexandra L.
Full-Stack Developer

"Salary negotiations are often uncomfortable and equal pay as a woman is still a big issue. FiveTeams helps enormously here."

Benjamin G.
Mobile Engineer

"I often don't have the time to find out about new jobs and there is a lot of spam on LinkedIn. FiveTeams is the perfect tool for passive job hunting!"

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