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What is FiveTeams?

With us, companies commit to compensating talent based solely on their skills and experience. You decide what your next career step should be and only receive offers that are worth changing for. Companies apply to you and not the other way around. You can remain anonymous until you agree to an interview. Job boards & job portals were yesterday. With us, you are always one step ahead of the job market and never miss a relevant offer.

How does it work?

Specify nect career step

Set your desired salaries for different cities. Moreover, you can exclude industries and specify preferred company types.

Share LinkedIn, Xing or CV

Don't waste time filling out new data. Just share your LinkedIn/ Xing profile or CV and we'll set up your profile for you.

Offers above desired salary

Sit and relax! You will only receive suitable offers above your desired salary.

Companies apply to you

In addition, companies can apply directly to you with offers that match your requirements. We only allow in-house recruiters on our platform. No intermediaries like headhunters.

Stay anonymous

You remain anonymous until you agree to an interview.

You determine your salary.
Companies commit up-front.

We want that talents are paid according to their skills and experiences - regardless of background, gender or the recruiter's sympathies.

We are particularly committed to #equalpay as well as #womenintech. Companies commit to our Values.

Get paid more with FiveTeams.

We do not ask companies for a "placement commission", which is usually around 25% of the annual salary. Instead, we ask companies to give the otherwise usual commission to hired talents. Learn more about our pricing.

More than 10.000 talents are using FiveTeams.
Giulio F.
Performance Marketer

"Through FiveTeams, I know my market value better and always stay informed regarding interesting job opportunities."

Alexandra L.
Full-Stack Developerin

"Salary negotiations are often uncomfortable and equal pay as a woman is still a big issue. FiveTeams helps enormously here."

Benjamin G.
UI/UX Designer

"I often don't have the time to find out about new jobs and there is a lot of spam on LinkedIn. FiveTeams is the perfect platform for passive job hunting!"

Suyash H.
Account Manager

"Perfect for keeping a stress-free eye on the job market."

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Why should I use FiveTeams?

FiveTeams is the unfair career advantage of now more than 10,000 happy talents. With us, you anonymously deposit your next career step in under 1 minute & then sit back forever. You will only be notified if an offer according to your desired parameters comes on the market or if a company applies directly to you. On FiveTeams you also decide which recruiter can view your profile so that your current employer doesn't find out. You can remain anonymous until you agree to an interview.

Furthermore, it is 2022 & salary discrimination such as the gender or migration pay-gap should no longer exist. Our approach eliminates discrimination and bias in the hiring and salary negotiation process because companies commit to a specific salary upfront.

What does it cost to use FiveTeams?

FiveTeams is completely free of charge for talents.

How will recruiters take notice of me if I am anonymous?

In general, on FiveTeams you are always anonymous to your current employer.

In addition, offers reach you in two ways. (1) On the one hand, you receive job offers to which you can apply with a simple click. These offers will reach you based on your minimum salary requirements, skills & experience as well as your specified desired parameters such as preferred locations, industries, company types and expectations. No personal information about your profile (such as name and past employers) is required. This guarantees that gender, origin, religion or sympathies of the recruiter do not play a role. You remain anonymous until you request an interview.

(2) Moreover, in-house recruiters from other companies can apply directly to you with suitable offers. If you do not want this, you can simply turn off this function.

Where is FiveTeams currently available?

FiveTeams is currently available in Germany, Austria & Switzerland.

I am currently happy with my job - is FiveTeams right for me?

Absolutely! We are the marketplace for passive job seekers. This way you stay informed about exciting job opportunities without having to actively search. FiveTeams is also the right place for you if you don't want your employer to know that you are open for interesting new job opportunities. We are like your personal digital headhunter 😊

What jobs can I find on the FiveTeams platform?

We are currently focusing on positions in the following categories:
- Marketing (including Brand Manager, Performance Marketing)
- Sales (including Account Manager, Customer Success, Business Development)
- Technology (including Web Developer, Software Engineer)
- Product (including Product Owner, Product Manager)
- Business Intelligence (including Data Scientists, Data Analysts)
- Human Resources (including HR Manager, Talent Acquisition Manager)
- Finance (including Controller, Accountant)

More categories will follow in the future 🚀

You still have question? Just give us a call via +49 160 903 476 50.
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