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Why FiveTeams?

Passive candidates account for 70% of the candidate market. However, this candidate segment is not reached through common channels such as job boards and job portals. To address this problem, we developed a solution that turns the traditional recruiting logic around and focuses on the needs of talents first. On FiveTeams, talents digitally submit their desired next career step and can thus be effectively hired-out by companies.

Get applicants in minutes.

Register your employer brand

Purpose at work & identification with the company are becoming increasingly important. Therefore, your employer brand is broadcasted with every message & job campaign on FiveTeams.

Launch job campaigns

Specify your needs via your intuitive dashboard: job title, salary, skills & technologies as well as other relevant job specifics. Job campaigns are automatically matched with thousands of talents at the touch of a button. Talents apply can simply request an interview via one click.

Search & reach out to visible candidates

About 50% of all talents on FiveTeams are not completely anonymous & therefore especially open for a job change. You can search these profiles and contact them directly. New profiles are signing up every day! 👀

Manage applicants & hire your next A player

Manage incoming applications in your dashboard. You can collaborate with an unlimited number of team members in managing the pipeline. You decide who to invite for an interview. Our average time to 1st application is less than 10 minutes.

Aktuell sichtbare Profile einsehen 🔎
Transparent career drivers.
Effective sourcing.
Unlimited messages
35% reply rate
Unlimited job campaigns
5x more inbound applicants
Invite team members & collaborate
No 20-30% hiring fee
Hiring has never been easier.

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What other say about us.
Katja B.
Talent Acquisition Manager @ Coliquio

"We were able to recruit three valuable employees through FiveTeams in the first 1.5 months!"

Bryan S.
Recruiter @ TechStars

"Through FiveTeams we reach thousands of passive candidates in a few minutes. For that, I would have to spend quite a long and expensive time on platforms like LinkedIn."

Anja M.
Active Sourcing Lead @ Healivery

"Through FiveTeams, we save on expensive fees from headhunters and recruiters and can instead put them on top of our candidates' salaries."


Why should I use FiveTeams?

The FiveTeams platform allows talents to anonymously & digitally submit their desired next career step and career aspirations. For companies, this gives them the opportunity to effectively reach thousands of candidates in a matter of minutes who are open to changing their job under certain conditions. In addition, you always have particularly willing talents on your radar by being able to directly search & contact visible profiles. ☝️ New, exciting profiles are added every day!

What are passive candidates?

Passive job-seeking candidates are currently employed by a company and are therefore not actively looking for a job. However, they are open to switch their job if they are offered an interesting opportunity.

You cannot reach this candidate segment by means of traditional job advertisements on job boards and job portals, as passive candidates do not have the time to search them extensively.

Passive candidates make up about 70% of the entire talent market.

How long does it take until I receive the first applicants?

Our average time to 1st application is less than 10 minutes.

How much does FiveTeams cost for companies?

Our current pricing can be found here

Can I invite my team members?

Absolutely! In your dashboard you can invite and manage as many team members as you would like.

How many job campaigns can I upload to FiveTeams?

No matter in which plan you use FiveTeams, there is no maximum number of campaigns. So you can upload an unlimited number of campaigns.

Which candidates can I find on FiveTeams?

We are currently focusing on positions in the following categories:
- Marketing (e.g. Brand Manager, Performance Marketing)
- Sales (e.g. Account Manager, Customer Success, Business Development)
- Technology (e.g. Web Developer, Software Engineer)
- Product (e.g. Product Owner, Product Manager)
- Business Intelligence (e.g. Data Scientists, Data Analysts)
- Human Resources (e.g. HR Manager, Talent Acquisition Manager)
- Finance (e.g. Controller, Accountant)

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