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Why FiveTeams?

Passive talents account for 70% of the candidate market. However, this candidate segment is not reached through common channels such as job boards and job portals. To address this problem, we developed an anonymous marketplace that turns the traditional recruiting logic around and focuses on the needs of talents first. On FiveTeams, talents digitally submit their desired next career step and can thus be effectively hired-out by companies.

Talents at the touch of a button.

Specify role

Job title, salary, skills & required technologies as well as further relevant information about your role.

Access salary data

To stay ahead of current market values can be challenging. Based on our large amount of salary data as well as modern predictive analytics algorithms you can optimally budget your salaries.

Talent discovery

Talents that are open to switch to your company reveal their profiles. You decide which talents are invited to an interview. Our average time to first application is under 10 minutes.

Browse through the marketplace

Additionally you can search and contact visible talent profiles on your own. These talents are especially open for a new role. Every day new talents are signing up! 👀

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No listing fees.
Unlimited sourcing.
No 20-30% hiring-fee
No lengthy contracts concerning exclusivity
Talent discovery has never been easier.

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What others say about us.
Katja B.
Talent Acquisition Manager @ Coliquio

“We could achieve three hires through FiveTeams within our first one and a half months!"

Sebastian S.
Recruiter @ Microsoft

“Through FiveTeams we reach thousands of passive candidates in a few minutes. For that, I would have to spend quite some time and money on platforms like LinkedIn."

Bryan A.
Active Sourcing Lead @ Healivery

“Through FiveTeams we save on expensive fees from headhunters and recruitment consultants and can instead put them on our candidates' salaries."


Why should I use FiveTeams?

FiveTeams anonymous marketplace enables talents to anonymously and digitally submit their needs and career wishes. For companies, this gives them the opportunity to effectively reach thousands of candidates in just a few minutes who are open to changing their job under certain conditions.

In addition, you´ll have access to fresh talent that is particularly willing to switch jobs by directly searching & contacting visible profiles. ☝️ New, exciting profiles are added every day!

Determining objective market values is also a challenging task. With the large amount of salary data on FiveTeams and the use of algorithms (predictive analytics), we give you the opportunity to budget your salaries optimally.

We don't want you to take any risks. FiveTeams is therefore completely success-based - meaning initially free of charge - or can be used via subscription. FiveTeams is up to 90% cheaper than traditional headhunters and recruitment consultants.

What are passive candidates?

Passive job seekers are candidates who are currently employed by a company and are therefore not actively looking for a job. However, they are open to changing their job if an interesting offer is made to them.

This candidate segment cannot be reached by means of traditional job postings on job boards and job portals, as passive candidates do not have the time to search these extensively.

Passive candidates make up approximately 70% of the entire talent market.

How long does it take to receive first applicants?

Our average time to first application is under 10 minutes.

How much does it cost to use FiveTeams as a company?

FiveTeams is completely success-based - i.e. initially free of charge - or can be used via subscription. Active sourcing via our marketplace is up to 90% cheaper than traditional headhunters and recruitment consultants. Check the following link to find out more about our pricing.

Can I invite my team members?

Absolutely! In your dashboard, you can invite and manage team members.

How many campaigns can I upload to FiveTeams?

No matter in which plan you use FiveTeams, there is no cap on campaigns. You can upload an unlimited number of campaigns.

What type of candidates can I find on FiveTeams?

We are currently focusing on positions in the following categories:
- Marketing (e.g. Brand Manager, Performance Marketing)
- Sales (e.g. Account Manager, Customer Success, Business Development)
- Technology (e.g. Web Developer, Software Engineer)
- Product (e.g. Product Owner, Product Manager)
- Business Intelligence (e.g. Data Scientists, Data Analysts)
- Human Resources (e.g. HR Manager, Talent Acquisition Manager)
- Finance (e.g. Controller, Accountant)

You have further questions? Feel free to give us a call via +49 160 903 476 50.
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