Why should I use FiveTeams?

FiveTeams anonymous marketplace enables talents to anonymously and digitally submit their needs and career wishes. For companies, this gives them the opportunity to effectively reach thousands of candidates in just a few minutes who are open to changing their job under certain conditions. In addition, you´ll have access to fresh talent that is particularly willing to switch jobs by directly searching & contacting visible profiles. ☝️ New, exciting profiles are added every day! Determining objective market values is also a challenging task. With the large amount of salary data on FiveTeams and the use of algorithms (predictive analytics), we give you the opportunity to budget your salaries optimally. We don't want you to take any risks. FiveTeams is therefore completely success-based - meaning initially free of charge - or can be used via subscription. FiveTeams is up to 90% cheaper than traditional headhunters and recruitment consultants.
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