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How do you match?


How do you match?

Based on our phone or mail briefing, we extract the project specifics and the individual needs of the respective clients. Afterward, we find – assisted by AI – the three tech teams that fit the most to the project and the client. However, the client always has the final say on which tech team to work with.

What are Tech Teams?

Tech teams are generally speaking IT service providing companies. We don’t match you with freelancers (like TopTal) or tech professionals looking for jobs (like Honeypot). We believe that matching you with well-rehearsed and already existing tech teams (i.e. companies) eliminates the risk for you to hire the wrong person while at the same time providing reasonable rates. 

Who pays for your service?

Our service is completely free of charge for demanding companies. We charge a commission on the net project volume to be paid by the tech teams. However, this is the only cost involved – there are no fixed costs at all. 


Demanding Companies


How long does the matching take?


We try our very best to provide our clients with the top three tech team shortlist within three days after the briefing. Since the client has the final say on which team to work with, however, the collaboration between client and tech team depends finally on the client.

Can I choose the Tech Team myself?


Clients get a curated shortlist of the top fitting three tech teams. The final decision on which team to work with is then to be made by the client in order to guarantee decision autonomy. 

Is the matching mandatory?


In case the client does not feel comfortable with any of the tech teams provided on the shortlist, he/she can, of course, contact us to refine the list. Once the contract between the client and the tech team is signed, however, the conditions of the respective contract are legally binding. 

What does the Key Account Manager do?


One of our team members will support the collaboration between the client and the tech team throughout the project if wanted. The main task of the key account manager is to assure transparency and communication between the two parties as well as to resolve potential challenges throughout the collaboration. 

How can I be sure of the Tech Team's quality?


Every tech team in our network is extensively screened via a multi-step process. Once accepted to our vetted network, the tech teams are then getting continuously evaluated after every project they execute in order to assure their quality and our top 5% value proposition. 

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How can I become a part of your network?


You can become a part of our network by applying here. After you applied, our team will assess the application and start the screening process in order to assure that you fulfill our quality standards. 

Can I choose the clients by myself?


Once a client has a project that fits your skills, expertise and team background, we will get in touch with you and discuss the specifics of the project. If the respective project sounds interesting for you, then you can apply for it.

How can I apply for a project?


Once the specifics of a project fit your team, we get in touch with you. If you consider the project as interesting, you can then apply for it via our application template. The application itself is quick and straight forward. Once the application is submitted you will be shortlisted among two other teams.

How does the payment process look like?


The payment normally is divided into several sub-payments: an upfront one, milestone ones and an end-payment. However, the tech team gets to decide which form of payment to follow with their clients. No matter what form of payment both parties agreed upon, we will charge the commission in congruence after every (partial) payment. 

Are you working in an eye-level with us?


We are happy to lay bare cards about what added value the tech teams have through the partnership with us. We work with tech teams and take over organizational tasks such as client acquisition or marketing. So everyone can concentrate on their core business. Depending on capacity and interest, tech teams can decide whether to accept client inquiries or not. There are no adhesion contracts with us; the cooperation takes place on a commission basis and without hidden or fixed costs. 

How does your screening process look like?


We follow a multi-step screening process starting with an exhaustive online background check incorporating ratings, certificates, references, and experience. Afterward, we have a 1:1 briefing in the form of a call with a respective tech team representative to learn about the skills and background in person. In this call, we ask for a minimum of three reference contact details that we will subsequently ask for feedback concerning their experience with the tech team. Furthermore, we have high Data Protection and Security standards we call our providers to adhere to. Once all stages got passed through and the tech team is added to our network, we continuously control their quality via client feedback. 

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